Living in Malaysia


As soon as you arrive in Malaysia, you’ll see it’s a country of energetic, friendly, youthful and culturally diverse people.Recent developments are putting Malaysia on the world map, as it focuses on becoming a knowledge-based economy. To develop world-class quality education and meet the demands and requirements of the new millennium, as well as to affirm the position of English as a second language, the Government has initiated major educational reforms by formulating new legislations on education.Malaysia is indeed becoming a dynamic and impressive regional centre for education excellence. Parents will be glad to know that while living in Malaysia, they can enroll their children in some impressive international schools.

Bordering Thailand to the north, Singapore to the south and Indonesia to the south east, Malaysia is located at the crossroads of South-East Asia. Its strategic position between the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea made it an historic trading centre, which absorbed influences from China, India and colonising western powers, most notably Britain...Read More