Part Time Diploma Courses in Malaysia

Part time study options offer many advantages. The modern day lifestyle and demands have made the option of studying part time an attractive and feasible option.

The advantages offered by part time diploma in KL, Malaysia include:-

  • Students can continue to earn and support themselves.
  • Many employers will pay for a part time study course rather than a full time study course that requires breaks from employment.
  • Both the organisation and the employee benefit from the part time study options. The organisation can develop the skills of their employees in the required domains.
  • If a professional is looking for a career change that needs acquisition of new knowledge and skills, a part time diploma in the relevant field is absolutely essential.
  • If practices and processes followed in particular areas of interest have evolved over time, part time diploma will bridge the gap and help in updating the knowledge.
  • If a professional wish to take up a new job and is in between jobs, the added qualification will help open up a gate of new opportunities.

The part time diploma courses offered in Malaysia

Part Time Diploma Course in Culinary Arts:- The entry requirement for the part time Diploma in Culinary Arts that's offered through private colleges such as Victoria International College is an age above 16 years with at least Level 2.

Part time diploma in culinary arts offered by Victoria International College involves the following modules:

  • Hygiene, kitchen safety, and food handling
  • Food production quantity and quality control
  • Catering activities coordination
  • Supervisory administrative functions
  • Basic cost control

The diploma prepares the students to enter the field of hospitality, food industry, and tourism among others.

The course in culinary arts is a comprehensive one that includes basics of kitchen equipment and planning and preparation of elaborate meals. It exposes the learners to different cuisines including eastern, western, and other international variations. Menu planning, budgeting and cost control, procurement and food sanitation are other important aspects the part time diploma in culinary arts focuses on. Catering management and kitchen maintenance are also critical aspects of the part time diploma in culinary arts.

Diploma holders in culinary arts can also be employed in food service management in hospitals and healthcare facilities where attention to food hygiene, sanitation and quality is of utmost importance.

Part time Diploma in Electrical Engineering:- To take part time diploma Malaysia has on offer in the field of electrical engineering, a pass in SPM with minimum 3 credits in mathematics and science and pass in English or a pass certificate in a related field and credit SPM Mathematics and science are required. Other qualifications recognised by the government of Malaysia are also acceptable.

The part time diploma offers flexible study options that enable working professionals to continue both the job and the studies. The part time diploma in electrical engineering is a career-oriented course that also prepares the students or professionals to pursue higher education in the same field that leads to bachelor's and master's degrees. The part time diploma Malaysia offers in electrical engineering through private colleges like Victoria International College is also the stepping stone to moving ahead in the career as electrical engineers.

Victoria International College offers part time diploma in electrical engineering with three intakes in a year in January, April, and September.

The part time diploma in electrical engineering has the following modules:-

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer Applications
  • Study Skills
  • Basic electronics
  • Fundamentals of programming
  • Circuit theory
  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Digital electronics
  • Digital and analogue devices and circuits
  • Power electronics
  • Communication signal processing
  • Programming concepts
  • Power systems
  • Control system automation
  • Signals and systems
  • Microcontroller and microprocessor
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Electrical Machines
  • Managing Work of Individuals & teams

The electives in the second year include data communication and enterprise, industrial electronics, design system security and control. Project work is also part of the curriculum as is industrial training that offers hands-on exposure to various aspects of electrical engineering. Students who obtain the part time diploma in electrical engineering from Victoria International College can opt for jobs in electricity generating stations, electricity supply industry or electrical equipment industry.

The average salary for an Electrical Engineer is RM 49,400 per year, this increases with experience and further qualifications. Experienced electrical engineers earn more than RM 120 K per year.

Other designations and jobs for electrical engineers who complete part time diploma Malaysia offers in the same field include:

  • Project engineer
  • Maintenance foreman
  • Maintenance and electrical engineer
  • Failure analysis engineer
  • Maintenance technician
  • Product applications manager
  • CNC machinist
  • Development engineer

The part time diploma Malaysia colleges such as Victoria International College offers also empower students with entrepreneurial skills so that they feel confident to set up their own business in electrical engineering.

A thorough knowledge of mathematics, science apart from electrical and electronics engineering also adds to the comprehensive skill sets an electrical engineer must possess. The part time diploma course in electrical engineering also gives the students the confidence and skills to carry out experiments and research in electrical & electronics circuits and analysis of data. With analytical and research skills, the students can work in research labs, and develop their own design for electrical circuits among other skills.

Diploma in Computer Science: Computer science is a much-coveted discipline as it is closely related to the booming IT industry. Computer scientists are highly paid and also have bright career prospects with the focus on expansion of IT and artificial intelligence realms. Almost every other industry other than IT also needs the skills of a computer science diploma holder.

Private colleges such as Victoria International College offer part time diploma in computer science which is a boon for those students who work a full time job. It is also ideal for people who wish to change their career to the IT or computer related fields.

Part time diplomas, to a great extent, can help a person to expand their knowledge and make their resume more impressive, without compromising on their current job.